I have a very simple 3-step process... I Listen, I Design and I Deliver.

Hey Monkey! is just me…

Not a huge, impersonal company. One-on-one service.

My name is Lenny. Designer, Developer, Guitar Player, and most importantly, a Daddy. I live, work and play in Cary, North Carolina  I have a passion for homemade Italian cooking and I'm known to make a pretty mean red sauce. My meatballs are getting there too. Although if you ask my daughter she still says Grandpa's are better (they are). Oh yeah... I also love good design. It excites me, makes me happy and I like using my talents to help businesses of all shapes and sizes look their best. Don't you want to be one of those businesses? Of course you do!

Hey There!

Why Hey Monkey!?

From the day she was born until this very day, the first thing I say to my daughter is "Hey Monkey!" I never really liked my own name for a design company—Lenny Terenzi Designs, Lenny Terenzi, Designer—ugh! But I still wanted something personal to me. A nice story to break the ice if a client ever asks. It also reminds me everyday why I do what I do and to try and put my best foot foot forward every step of the way.

Don’t Be Shy

Getting a new project off the ground can be daunting and it doesn't have to be. Just a little upfront preparation can go a long way to make the process so much smoother. Head over to the Hire Me! page and you can find a few resources to help get things started.