So after years of reading and lurking around design blogs, gleaning inspiration, ideas, doing tutorials, downloading resources (thank you!), and slogging it through as a part-time freelancer for the the better part of 12 years why make the jump now into blogging? What could I possibly add to the mix? What can I say that hasn't been said?

My own voice...

Even if I wrote the same articles on the same subjects or topics that we see everyday on the web, everyone has a different take on the outcome, a different path to get to the solution or that one sentence that  gives one person that "a-ha!" moment. I just felt that I would like to give someone that moment as I have gotten it from so many others over the years. 

So here's my plan...

I'd like to use this to comment more on industry happenings, little everyday observations, maybe a peek into my processes and how I created them. Maybe some reviews of tools and services that get me through my day. Additionally I would love to have some interviews or guest posts from designers, developers and anyone else who influences me creatively. I am a huge music man and I may try to examine design and the music industry on a more independent level seeing as how the recording industry has had such a massive shift recently. 

Tutorials, lists and resource downloads? Maybe, probably not and depends if I make something anyone may want. I realize a lot of those post types get the big numbers in terms of viewers but if I offer anything like that it would be something I use and find helpful so I can stand behind it. 

A little about me...

My name is Lenny Terenzi I have been a graphic designer since around 1995. I went on my own in 2001 and while I cant say I never looked back I am still here 10 years later. Which is another reason for this blog and this new site. I felt it was time to fish or cut bait. No more fake it until you make it. I need to look back and say " I did everything I could do to put myself out there" I want to look back and be proud. I want to be able to tell my daughter that she can make her own way in this world and speak from experience.

I'm no writer

But I hope to get better at it. I wont be offended if you want to go all grammar police on me. It can only help me in the long run. In fact, overall I am looking for some lively conversation and good debate. Notice I said good debate. Not flame wars or rude behavior. I'll respect your opinion if you will do the same for me or any of the tons (hopefully) of commenters that will grace this site in the near future. 

I am brewing up my first few posts. Stay tuned! I hope to post somewhat regularly and I hope you like what I have to say!